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KPT-35 Wireless Remote Keypad Series provides easy-to-use, on-premises security system control for enhanced flexibility and convenience. The LCD display with backlight illumination displays alarm memory, event logs, fault reports, or system status allowing users to easily see at a glance. The dual key function can activate panic, fire, medical, or emergency alarm at one press, providing users with an additional peace of mind and safety.

The KPT-35 Series can be further configured to emit entry/exit delay beeps. If your control panel is distant from the front door and you have difficulty hearing its entry/exit delay beeps, the KPT-35 Series can serve as a useful reminder device, emitting entry/exit delay beeps that urge you to disarm your security system or leave quickly.

The KPT-35 and KPT-35N models includes a proximity reader to enable arming and disarming with proximity RFID key fob or Near Field Communication (NFC) tag, without having to enter a pin code manually.

Completely wireless, the KPT-35 keypad series can be mounted on the wall or placed on tabletops or nightstands, allowing users the flexibility to place it at the most convenient and accessible location anywhere in the home.


  • Keypad and LCD display illuminated for easy night time visibility
  • Power saving feature that consumes power only when necessary
  • Tamper protection against unauthorized removal
  • Dual key function to trigger panic, fire or medical alarms
  • Easy and flexible installation with the options of both wall-mounted or desktop deployment
  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Extensive RF communication range, faster signal transmission
  • Enables user to arm/disarm the security system by simply swiping a proximity tag reader or NFC label (optional)
  • Integrates up to 60 RFID key fobs or NFC tags (optional)
  • 32-character LCD displays Alarm memory, event logs, fault reports or system status
  • Built-in siren emit alarm sounds
  • Low battery detection
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Audible beeps to indicate entry/exit delays and other system status

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