Smart Care Series

MX-DT35B Series

With a modern and sleek design, the outstanding Medical and Intrusion Alarm system, MX-DT35B Series is offering thorough care to your loved ones at home and protecting your house and property when you are away with its versatile features.

User-Friendly Design

The user can summon emergency help by one press on the help button, or with one press on the function button to arm his or her house. The white bar can not only indicate the battery level when the AC power is disconnected, but also indicate the cellular signal strength. Living under protection and going in and out in peace have never been easier.

Superb Versatility

MX-DT35B realizes an all-in-one system, integrating with senior care, inactivity monitoring, home security and safety by incorporating devices including Emergency Pendant, Door Contact, PIR Motion Detector, Smoke Detector, etc., providing complete protection for the elderly.

Care Alert Platform

MX-DT35B is compatible with Care Alert platform, which is a monitoring service designed for medical panels. It realizes remote programming as well as remote care and monitoring for caregivers/physicians. On Care Alert, users can connect to their MX-DT35B to bridge medical health monitoring and emergency alarm. This solution provides remote control, alarm notification, visual verification, live visual monitoring.

Long Communication Range

MX-DT35B adopts Climax’s groundbreaking F1 Wireless Technology that delivers RF communication range of 550m (1,804 ft), fast signal transmission, and relentless reliability. Seniors are free to enjoy sunshine on their patios or gardening in the yards with F1’s powerful penetration.


  • Medical and intrusion alarm system
  • Alarm reporting via IP/GPRS
  • Long Communication Range up to 550m (1,804 ft)
  • Built-in microphone & speaker for clear Two-Way voice communication
  • Support external antenna capability
  • White LED bar served as cellular signal strength/battery level indicator
  • Function button that can be programmed to toggle On/Off inactivity timer and Away/Home Mode
  • Adjustable speaker volume
  • Comprehensive Help/Nurse Arrival function to deliver assistance in four possible scenarios
  • Voice Prompt feature alerts the user upon designated events
  • Up to 40 sensors/devices can be integrated into the system
  • Remote monitoring & programming on Care Alert platform
  • Automatic check-in reports

Product Documents


Ordering Information

Model Name
Medical and Intrusion Alarm System with LTE/3G reporting
Medical and Intrusion Alarm System with LTE/3G reporting and supports external antenna (antenna not included)
Medical and Intrusion Alarm System with Ethernet/LTE/3G reporting
Medical and Intrusion Alarm System with Ethernet/LTE/3G reporting and supports external antenna (antenna not included)