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Water Sensors:WS-15

POVS-1-ZW is designed to be a Z-Wave PIR Occupancy Vacancy Sensor. When being integrated into a system, the lights can be automatically turned ON while POVS-1-ZW detects the presence of a person, and automatically turned OFF if no presence is detected for a specific amount of time, providing a smart and easy way for optimal energy savings and convenience.

With its small and sleek design, the POVS-1-ZW can be attached at any location in any room of your home. POVS-1-ZW has a unique magnetic base allowing it to be turned to face any 360° angle and location, while remaining in place.

POVS-1-ZW can be used as a security sensor or occupancy sensor, and have five selectable sensitivity levels. POVS-1-ZW is compatible with other manufactures’ Z-Wave systems and can be conveniently integrated into new or existing Z-Wave systems. The PIR Occupancy Vacancy Sensor stands out as a broadly applicable device ready to make your home or business safer and smarter.


  • Deployed as Occupancy/Vacancy or Security Sensor
  • Detects movements by passive infrared technology
  • Unique magnetic base for flexible installation
  • Supports SmartStart
  • Five selectable sensitivity levels
  • Flexible adjustable time delay
  • Small, modern design
  • Automatic power saving mechanism
  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Low battery detection
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ Z-Wave systems
  • Suitable for security and home automation usage

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