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Dimmer Switches:PSD-29ZB/PSD-29ZBS

The PSD-29ZBS ZigBee dimmer switch series is designed for the user to remotely dim or turn on/off incandescent light via a smartphone or web browser anytime, anywhere. The integration of these devices into your home automation system will allow you to conveniently control home lighting for comfort or energy-saving purposes. The PSD-29ZBSR model further doubles as a ZigBee repeater to extend the communication range of a ZigBee system.

The PSD-29ZBS series is EN61058, VDE0620, CE/FCC compliant, and the installation of these devices takes only a few simple steps. The slim-sized design of the PSD-29ZBS series blends naturally into any home décor. These dimmer switches enable you to brighten your home, lighten your mood, and reduce your electricity bills. Creating a green and cheerful home has never been easier!


  • Enables the user to remotely dim or turn on/off incandescent lighting
  • Load type: Incandescent lamps
  • Capability to double as a ZigBee router to further extend communication range (PSD-29ZBSR only)
  • Enables home automation and security systems to dim or turn on/off lights according to custom schedules and scenes
  • Various regional plugs available
  • Can be remotely or manually controlled
  • Plugs into a standard power outlet for easy deployment
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ ZigBee systems
  • LED serves as an indicator of system status
  • EN61058, VDE0620, CE/FCC compliance

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