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Power Switches:PSS-29

The PSS-29 power switch is an ingenious product designed to make home automation easier. Depending on the control panel it is paired with, you can turn on/off the attached electronic appliances anywhere, anytime via phone calls, SMS commands or Smartphone Apps.

Installation of PSS-29 takes only a few seconds. Simply plug the power switch into the power outlet and then plug the appliance into the front socket. Besides easy installation, the compact design of PSS-29 offers a polished and modern look that blends naturally with your home décor.

The PSS-29 is EN61058, VDE0620, CE/FCC compliance, and by allowing you to remotely turn off appliances not in use, PSS-29 helps you reduce household energy consumption and save money. Integrating this device into your home automation system is a smart way to combat soaring energy costs. Try the PSS-29 power switch today to the see the difference it can make!


  • Enables the user to turn on/off the attached electronic appliance manually or remotely
  • Slimmer design for better aesthetics
  • Simple plug and play installation
  • Bidirectional signal transmission
  • LED serving as an indicator of system status
  • Long communication range
  • Compatible with other manufacturers’ RF systems
  • EN61058, VDE0620, CE/FCC compliance

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