Alarm Systems

Recessed Door/Window Contact


Door Contacts:DC-29

The RDC-1 is a well-concealed recessed door contact that detects and reports the irregular opening / closing of doors and windows. Hidden discreetly within the door and window frames, the RDC-1 is ideal for security applications, specifically to hide from intruders looking to disarm your security system.

The RDC-1 features a pre-inserted lithium battery that provides uninterrupted supervised security for up to 10 years, and transmits supervisory and low battery signals to check system integrity. This slim and tapered recessed door contact blends into any home décor, making your residence a more secure place without compromising its aesthetic integrity.


  • Monitors the opening / closing of doors and windows
  • Powered by a pre-inserted long lasting battery
  • Sleek, tapered design
  • Simple and flexible installation
  • Randomized supervision signals to check system integrity and troubleshooting
  • LED serves as a fault and test mode indicator
  • Low battery detection

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