Radio Signal Sniffer Receiver


The RSSR-1 Radio Signal Sniffer Receiver is a wireless signal transmitter/receiver designed to capture wireless RF signal in the air and report these signals to other alarm receivers with RF technology, such as the Base Unit (BUN-152) and the Repeater (RPN-99). The system is easy to install, as it does not require excessive cabling for setting up, which makes it more accessible and simple to apply for users.

RSSR-1 features excellent receiver sensitivity, adjustable receiving range, as well as easy-to-configure programming interface. In addition, it has several built-in I/O terminals that can be programmed to act on certain triggers.

RSSR-1 can communicate with repeater RPN-99 and base unit BUN-152 by RF technology. The Base Unit will then forward the signals to the computer via RS-232 connection. When elderly people press their RF pendants for help, RPN-99 receive the pendants’ signals to the base unit, allowing relevant personnel to provide help on earliest convenience.

This easy-to-install system enables monitoring personnel in large care homes to quickly know the identities and locations of the seniors summoning for help.


  • Communication path via F1 technology
  • Simple and straightforward installation
  • Excellent receiver sensitivity with adjustable receiving range
  • LED indicator for input connections and RF signal reception
  • Auto Check-in Report according to designated interval time
  • User-friendly interface for system configuration
  • Simple and effortless wall-mounted installation
  • Backup Battery

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Radio Signal Sniffer Receiver
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