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Roller Shutter Control

SCM-5(for Motorized Shutters)

Pet-Immune Motion Sensors:IRP-29 Series

The SCM-5 is a roller shutter control that remotely rolls up/down or halt motorized roller shutters, providing easy operation. The SCM-5 is conveniently small in size to flexibly fit and hide in a wall box and can be directly connected to motorized shutters.

With the implementation of the SCM-5, motorized roller shutters can be configured to automatically open or close according to preset schedules and scenarios. Users can remotely open, close or pause the window shutters from a mobile device or extend an external awning, pergola, or outdoor blinds to cool down the backyard before arriving home.

Automated roller shutter control can not only protect users’ home interior from UV rays, but also facilitate energy management. With SCM-5’s help, added measure of privacy and security is readily attainable.


  • Remotely control motorized roller shutters Up, Down, or Stop/Pause
  • Suitable for motorized roller shutters, window curtains, shades, projector screen, awning, pergola, garage doors or gates
  • Two motor outputs for automatic and remote control
  • Two local switches for optional manual control
  • Zero-crossing detection for spark prevention
  • With embedded terminal wires and splicing connectors to prevent shorts or electrocution during installation
  • Enable smart home security systems to turn up/down the shutters according to customized schedules and scenes
  • Manageable via user-friendly smartphone app & web browser
  • Compatible with Climax’s F1 systems
  • Designed for home automation and security applications

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