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Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector

SDCO-1 Series

Our combo Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector Series utilizes the latest optical sensing chamber and advanced microprocessor to deliver optimum performance in detecting fire and the odorless, poisonous carbon monoxide.

The SDCO-1 Series has a loud 85dB siren for audio notification and warning. With auto-calibration, this combo detector automatically re-adjusts its detection threshold value according to changes in the environment. It also has self-diagnostics function to monitor device status and ensure optimal performance. In addition, the SDCO-1 Series features several optional functions, including rate-of-rise heat detection and interconnection function. Most importantly, it will continue to work even during a power outage.

Fire and carbon monoxide can be a deadly duo, but Climax’s SDCO-1 Series offers protection from two deadly threats in one unit. Not only does it save space, but also allows users to change and test batteries in one device rather than two. Furthermore, the SDCO-1 Series adopts Climax’s industry-leading RF technologies to deliver super speed signal transmission and extensive communication range.


  • Detects smoke and carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Reflective photoelectric sensor to detect smoke from any source
  • Electrochemical sensor to monitor CO level
  • Auto-calibration every month to re-adjust detection threshold value
  • Self-diagnostics function to ensure optimal performance
  • Rate-of-rise heat detection when temperature exceeds 57.25°C or rises by 8.25°C per minute (optional)
  • Interconnection function to command all devices with built-in siren to sound whenever an alarm is triggered (optional)
  • Serial connection capability to command all devices with built-in siren to sound whenever an alarm is triggered (optional)
  • AC-powered or battery-powered (optional)
  • Loud 85dB Siren for audio alert
  • Alarm silence button to quiet nuisance alarms
  • Excellent stability with high sensitivity
  • Extensive RF range and fast speed data transmission
  • Randomized supervision signals to check system integrity
  • LED status indicators for visual notification
  • Low battery detection
  • Suitable for residential and commerical premises
  • Wireless for easy and flexible installation
  • EN14604 and EN50291 certified

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Model Name
Smoke and CO Detector, battery-powered
Smoke and CO Detector, battery-powered with heat detection
Smoke and CO Detector, AC-powered with Interconnection function
Smoke and CO Detector, AC-powered with heat detection and Interconnection function