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Water Sensors:WS-15

Climax’s Smoke/Fog Generator provides a fast and effectual way to prevent burglary and theft by generating security fog, instantly clouding the vision of intruders to protect your valued properties. The Smoke/Fog generator can be manually and remotely activated simply with a single press of button, or it can be activated via pre-setting system configuration. It can saturate the designated area to avoided unauthorized operation, with the saturation capacity of around 100 to 130 cubic meters, and a delivering speed of 25 seconds.

Compact in size while inexpensive to install, the installation of the Smoke/Fog Generator is clear and easy, as no electrical connections are required. The generated smoke is non-toxic, thereby ensuring the health of users. Its metal nozzle can be adjusted by 360°, which is ideal for use in harsh and hot environment. The battery status and trigger module are closely monitored by the control panel. Suitable for various locations including homes, shops, stores and commercial premises, the Smoke/Fog Detector offers security to you and your valuables in the most effectual and safest way.


  • Internal wall tamper to protect smoke bomb
  • Configurable siren
  • Straightforward installation without electronic cables
  • Capable of manual and remote activation of smoke/fog
  • Room saturation of about 150 m³
  • Produces non-toxic smoke and fog
  • Saturation capacity of about 100 to 130 m³
  • Smoke delivery duration of 25 seconds
  • Metal nozzle with high temperature resistance adjustable by angle of 360°
  • Smoke canister’s lifespan up to 5 years

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Model Name
Smoke / Fog Generator
Fog Replacement Cartridge (Saturation Volume: 100 to 130 m³; Smoke/fog Dispensing Time: 25 seconds)