Receiver and Transmitter/Sensor Pad Transmitter


The SPT-1 is a wireless sensor pad transmitter that can be connected to a bed/chair sensor pad or alarming floor mat to create a bed, chair, and wander detection wireless alarm system. When a resident or patient gets up from the bed/chair pad, or pressure is added to a floor mat, a wireless signal and alarm will go off and a caregiver would be immediately alerted of the situation. The SPT-1 can help track and monitor 24/7.

Create a fall monitoring system and protect patients by being alerted when a patient attempts to get out of bed, falls on a floor mat, or slides out of a seat. With the assistance of SPT-1, patients can be kept safe from harm, and family member can have a peace of mind that their loved ones will be protected.


  • Compatible with bed, chair, and floor mat sensor systems.
  • Detects when a patient gets up from the bed/chair pad, or steps on floor mat
  • Connection type: standard handset jack (RJ-9)
  • Dip switch for bed/chair pad or fall mat mode
  • Wireless, small and lightweight
  • Tamper protection against removal
  • LED indicator
  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Low battery detection

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