Alarm Systems




SRV-23B is a multifunctional AC-powered indoor siren and doorbell chime with rechargeable backup battery. With built-in speaker, SRV-23B is able to emit doorbell chimes, entry/exit beeps, sound an alarm to attract attention, and play voice prompt messages to notify users of current system status, matching all your alerting needs. With backup battery, SRV-23B will keep working even when the power is out.

Voice prompts allows users and their family members know exactly the reason for the alert, no hassle to memorize unique alert sounds. Learning SRV-23B in your security and smart home system, you will be notified immediately with a blare alarm sound at 95dB when there is an emergency or serves as a useful reminder if someone is at your door. Three selectable volume settings so the siren is perfect for every space in the house. When it comes to your security system, there is no room for error.


  • Multifunctional AC-Powered indoor siren and doorbell chime
  • Emit doorbell chimes, entry/exit beeps, and voice prompt messages
  • Plugs into any standard power outlet for easy installation
  • Extensive communication range, enhanced penetration and sensitivity rate
  • Rechargeable battery backup
  • Three selectable volume levels
  • Siren output is 95dB at 1 meter
  • Built-in speaker with voice prompt messages
  • Multiple regional plugs available
  • Randomized supervision to check system integrity
  • Compatible with Climax’s F1 control panels
  • LED as an indicator of system status

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