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Shock & Glassbreak Sensor

SVGS-1 Series

SVGS-1 series is a Shock and Glass Break Sensor. This wireless sensor is easy to install on any glass surface to alert home owners when glass is tampered or broken. When the sensor detects a shock attack it will send a wireless signal to the control panel to notify of an event. This adds an extra layer of security and stop intruders from gaining access through a window or glass door.

The F1 model integrates industry-leading RF technology to deliver accelerated signal transmission and record-breaking communication range. With fast RF transmission mechanism, the battery life of the sensor is further extended to lengthen usage time. There are many creative ways to link SVGS-1 series with other RF devices to set up a smart home system. Apart from activating a siren, it can automatically turn on house lights, music, start video recording or even send photo verifications to your smartphone when glass is tampered or broken. The sensor has a high to low sensitivity range so that you can set the sensitivity to the required level to protect your home.

This smart device is battery operated so you can affix this on the glass surface you wish to protect with double-sided adhesive tape. With easy installation and no cumbersome wiring, the sensor is instantly ready to use.


  • Detects major shock attack and glass break
  • F1 RF technology accelerate the speed of signal transmission, boosts communication range and reduces power consumption
  • Adjustable sensitivity threshold levels:Low, Medium, High
  • Wireless for easy installation
  • Works on any glass surface
  • Low battery indicator
  • Modern and unobtrusive design
  • LED Indicator
  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Suitable for residential and commercial security application

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Ordering Information

Model Name
Shock and Glass Break Sensor, compatible only with Climax F1 Control Panels
Shock and Glass Break Sensor, compatible with all standard Climax Control Panels