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TG-15N Series

Tag Readers:TG-7/TG-8

TG-15N series is an outdoor tag reader that provides you the easiest and quickest way to arm and disarm your home alarm system.

TG-15N series is designed to be installed at the entrance of your home for easy convenient access of your security system before entering the house. This device is integrated with NFC labels so you can quickly guard your home with just one simple swipe. No more complicated keypads or cumbersome PIN codes.

By adopting Climax’s cutting-edge F1 RF technology, TG-15N-F1 provides faster signal transmission speed and longer communication range. TG-15N series is waterproof to IPX5 standard and provides temper protection to prevent unauthorized removal and sabotage. Also, it features sleep mode for power-saving operation to extend battery life.

TG-15N Series simplifies the operation of your security system. Installing this device at the entrance of your home also alerts possible intruders that your property is under alarm protection.


  • Arm/disarms the alarm system
  • Button-free; Single Scan function
  • Integrates proximity or NFC tags
  • Industry-leading F1 technology accelerates the speed of signal transmission and boosts communication range
  • LED indicator
  • IPX5 waterproof housing
  • Sleep mode for power-saving operation
  • Tamper protection for unauthorized removal or sabotage
  • Low battery detection

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Model Name
Wireless outdoor tag reader with extensive RF range and compatible with Climax F1 Control Panels
Wireless outdoor tag reader compatible with Climax Control Panels