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Appliance Control


Climax’s UPIC-5ZW is a wireless remote that can control devices that understand infrared (IR) signals. An ideal solution for easy control of air conditioner and Audio/Video devices, including TV, stereos, home theater systems, digital media hubs, gaming consoles, DVD players...etc. The UPIC-5ZW enables the user to operate the devices, through a home automation or security system, from anywhere without needing to physically touch the remote control itself.

The UPIC-5ZW has six IR (infrared) emitters that can be used to control up to five devices up to 14 meters away with extreme reliability. The battery operated UPIC-5ZW can be wall-mounted or placed anywhere where the devices are located.

A confirmation LED indicator has been built into the UPIC-5 to let you know when the system has received a remote control command. Creating a smart home is really that easy!


  • Remotely control up to five appliances
  • Works with air conditioners and A/V systems
  • LED indicator
  • Long Battery Life
  • Wireless for easy installation
  • Low battery detection
  • Automatic power-saving mechanism

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