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Receivers and Transmitters:UT-15

UT-15 Series is a universal contact-monitoring transmitter, designed to monitor an activation of a specific wired sensor which is connected to it. Whenever the wired device is triggered, UT-15 Series will transmit an alarm signal to Control Panel and further notify users of an alarm event. It provides flexibility and agility in the security deployment.

UT-15 Series design consists of a cover and base. The cover contains all electronics and the base provides a means for fixing the device. An enclosed tamper switch provides tamper protection against unauthorized device opening and/or removal.


  • Detect an activation of a connected wired device, including Door Contact, Passive Infrared Monition Detector, Smoke Detector or Panic Button
  • Compact & slim design for easy mounting
  • Low Battery detection
  • Randomized Supervision signals for trouble-free system integrity checking
  • Tamper protection protects against unauthorized removal, sabotage or unsteady installation

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Universal Transmitter with long battery life
Universal Transmitter