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Water Sensors:WS-15

Install the VCM-3 Valve Controller on your main gas or water line to protect your property from unexpected gas leaks or flooding and prevent additional damage by shutting off the main supply. The VCM-3 clamps onto user’s existing valve, allowing users to remotely and manually open/close the gas or water valve. Protect your home and gives you a peace of mind.

VCM-3 works together with gas sensors and water leakage sensors to detect leaks and automatically cuts off the gas supply or water supply and notifies the user immediately. VCM-3 does not require additional tools or pipe cutting, and easy to install.

VCM-3 is also suitable for automated irrigation scenarios, designed to bring safety and convenience to your home.


  • Allows for remote and manual gas/valve control
  • Clamps onto existing gas or fluid valve
  • Installs on a standard 1/4 turn valve
  • Pair with gas or water leakage sensors to automatically shut off valve
  • One button to manually activate the valve
  • Enable by smart home security systems to turn on/off according to customized schedules and scene
  • Remote management via web browser or smartphone app
  • LED Indicator
  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Easy installation
  • Designed for residential and light commercial usage

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