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Camera PIR Sensors:

VST-873QF/VST-873QF Pro PIR Video Camera is a wireless motion-detected color video camera designed for video verification and remote look-in. This new video capacity provides a more intelligent verification mechanism for the home security industry.

This series enables users to remotely view a real-time video of alarm activity occurring in your protected area. Whenever an alarm is triggered, a 10-second video clip will be captured. Furthermore, VST-873Pro Pet-Immune Video Camera can ensure the excellent catch performance of its original purpose in security sense and in addition, eliminates the chance of false alarms caused by your pet. Equipped with flash functionality, VST-873/VST-873Pro ensures it can capture a clear video clip in diverse lighting conditions.

An advanced authenticated two-way encrypted wireless link (2.4GHz, DSSS) ensures excellent indoor coverage and the fast transmission of High Resolution Color QCIF (176 x 144 pixels) video clips. The video clips delivers the alarm scene in full detail, allowing you to respond immediately.


  • Optimum camera coverage leaves no blind spot in the monitored area
  • 27-kilo (59-lb) pet immunity eliminates false alarms caused by animals (VST-873QF Pro only)
  • Sends a 10-second color QCIF (176 x 144 pixels) video
  • Delivers one video clip or image when requested
  • PIR detection range/angle: 1~10 m at 90° degrees
  • Horizontal camera angle: 60°
  • Night vision capability to capture high-quality videos in dark environments
  • Compatible with Climax’s ZigBee gateways/control panels
  • Optional mounting accessory: Rotating holder

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