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Camera PIR Sensors:VST-852SL

VST-892EXC is an outdoor curtain passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor camera leveraging F1 technology with long RF communication range, enhanced penetration and sensitivity rate, immediate image transfer rate, and advance dynamic speed adjustment algorithms. VST-892EXC offers two detection patterns: horizontal curtain and vertical curtain. Horizontal curtain features pet immunity; Vertical curtain is ideal for perimeter applications. VST-892EXC features anti-masking function, which allows for detection of any attempts to blind the detector by placing objects in its field of view.

VST-892EXC has a unique antenna designed with maximized receiver sensitivity to ensure precise transmission and reception of signals, resulting in enhanced penetration rate, allowing users and installers to flexibly set up on large or complicated premises.

With UV resistant housing and waterproof to IP65 standard, VST-892EXC is ideal for backyards, lawns, gates, outdoor corridors and hallways. The combination of color VGA/QVGA images ensures that all details vital to visual alarm verification are promptly notified to users.


  • Detects suspicious movements by passive infrared technology with curtain detection pattern
  • Vertical / Horizontal curtain detection pattern
  • Change detection pattern by changing the direction of PIR lens
  • Horizontal detection pattern provides pet immunity (pet's weight: 60 kg)
  • Advanced Dynamic Speed Adjustment Algorithms to maintain stable and fast image transfer speed based on signal quality
  • Three alarm image processing options:
    - One color VGA (640 x 480 pixels) alarm images
    - Three color QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) alarm images
    - Six color QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) alarm images
  • Delivers one image upon request
  • IP65 for outdoor usage
  • Night illumination capability
    - Warm white fill light covering up to 5 meters
    - Infrared (IR) fill light covering up to 7 meters
  • Anti-masking feature allows for detection of any attempts to blind the detector
  • Calibration line & tilting scales for mounting adjustment
  • Detection range: 12 meters
  • F1 technology accelerate the speed of signal transmission, boosts communication range
  • LED status indicator
  • Regular supervision signals ensure proper operation
  • Compatible with Climax’s F1 gateways/control panels and Repeater RP-29 / RMB-29
  • Tamper protection to prevent unauthorized sabotage
  • Low battery detection
  • Ideal for balconies, poolsides, garages, entrances, French doors, sidewalks, etc.

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Outdoor Curtain PIR Motion Sensor
Outdoor Curtain PIR Motion Sensor