Smart Home Alarm System

Emergency Pendant and Wrist Transmitter


The WTRSC-1-NFC is an emergency pendant/wrist transmitter enhanced by NFC technology. WTRSC-1-NFC can integrate with NFC-communication devices for medical and senior care applications.

After the button is pressed, an alarm call will be immediately triggered to the monitoring center, significantly increasing response and rescue time. When help arrives, identities of users and necessary personal health information can be learned through the NFC transmission. In senior and medical care facilities, it can also be deployed as keycards for an effective way of access control.

With our unique, patented One-Click design, users can effortlessly switch between wearing a necklace or as a wristband in no time. WTRSC-1-NFC is also fully waterproof, lightweight, and with changeable battery which offers lifelong durability. Users can wear it everywhere at home, enabling extended security as well as rescue and respond time.


  • Integrate with NFC-communication devices
  • One-Click Necklace/Wristband Switch
  • Changeable Battery
  • Worn as a wrist or neck pendant
  • Minimum power consumption
  • Low battery detection
  • LED indicator
  • Wireless, compact, and lightweight
  • Waterproof standard

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