Alarm Systems


The RMB-23 is an AC-powered plug-in wireless RF extender that can boost your network signal latency into hard-to-reach areas. Ideal for both residential and commercial premises, the RMB-23 can amplify the communication range between the gateway and sensors, thereby solving the problem of signal loss due to distance limitations. Requiring no wiring, the router can be plugged into a standard power outlet for simple plug-n-play deployment.

The RP-23 is an intelligent repeater that extends the communication range between an alarm and its wireless devices by receiving and transmitting signals from the devices to the control panel. It is capable of filtering out signals that have been received before, thus eliminating repetitive or unnecessary signal transmissions.

Bi-directional wireless repeater RP-15 maximizes the range of communications between 80 sensors and a control panel. It receives alarm and status messages from the sensors and sends them to the control panel and vice versa.