Alarm Systems

Shock & Glassbreak Sensors

Climax’s ACGS-3-SM is a multi-functional Acoustic Glassbreak sensor and Fire Alarm Audio Detector. This wireless sensor will alert home owners when a glass window or door is being smashed or broken; and alert users when existing UL smoke detectors goes off. Be aware and informed against potential fire hazards and break-ins, even when users are not home.

DCSV-23 is a door / window contact with built-in shock and vibration sensor. It combines two functions in one unit to bolster perimeter protection while featuring more extensive RF range and faster signal transmission.

Maximize the effectiveness of your security system by providing your family and business with an even higher level of protection. The SVGS Series is a shock, vibration and glass break sensor, designed to provide early warning of an attempted intrusion by sensing forced entry before a burglar actually enters the property. This wireless shock sensor is lightweight and easy to install on any glass window, door, roof, or safety box and capable of detecting two different types of forcible attacks, a single major shock event, or accumulated consecutive minor shock attacks.

SVGS-1 series is a Shock and Glass Break Sensor. This wireless sensor is easy to install on any glass surface to alert home owners when glass is tampered or broken. When the sensor detects a shock attack it will send a wireless signal to the control panel to notify of an event. This adds an extra layer of security and stop intruders from gaining access through a window or glass door.

Climax’s ACGS-23 Acoustic Glass break Sensor Series serves as your first line of defense for perimeter protection. This series of wireless sensor will alert home and business owners when a glass window or door is being smashed or broken. Our proprietary microphone technology recognizes acoustic patterns to provide full coverage, with a maximum of 8m radius from sensor to glass. With four selectable sensitivity levels, ACGS-23 series can be easily adjusted to fit large or small rooms. The ACGS-23 series provides an added layer of advanced security for the exterior of your home or business, lets you take quick action to protect your property and prevent damage to belongings.