SF1 Technology

SF1 technology with breakthrough image sending speed, larger file transfer capability, interactive capabilities and improved efficiency

Revolutionizing with an algorithmic breakthrough in RF wireless technology, Climax introduces groundbreaking SF1 technology. Surpassing its F1 predecessor, SF1 security alarm systems represent a powerful next-generation solution for your home security with optimal upgrade. Adding on top of the unprecedented radio frequency (RF) communication range of 2 kilometers (1.5 miles) and other premium features, SF1 takes data transfer to the next level, optimizing transfer of images in PIR motion sensors and voice files in two-way communications. With record-breaking RF range, relentless reliability, and boosted data transfer, the SF1-generation systems bring about a revolutionary method of securing your home.

Revolutionary Image Sending Speed

The unprecedented SF1 communication speed is the fruit of hardware and software enhancement, which lays a premium foundation for SF1’s remarkable capacity for rapid image transfer. Notably, SF1 technology accelerates alarm image transmission by 2 to 3 times compared to its predecessor.

Larger file transfer

With heightened processing speed, motion sensor cameras can transmit larger files, including HD images, for more comprehensive alarm visual verification. Despite the accelerated transfer speed, image resolution remains uncompromised. This advancement ensures that crucial details necessary for visual alarm verification promptly reach users.

PIR camera with SF1 compatibility

The new-generation Indoor and Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor Cameras adopts SF1 technology, allowing the products to attain optimal image transfer speeds while preserving exceptional resolution, setting a new benchmark in the market.

Two-way voice by RF SFV

Beyond facilitating larger image transfers, SF1-equipped security system introduces two-way voice communication, enabling the transmission of voice files for enhanced interactivity.

Efficient Power Usage

Security sensors equipped with SF1 technology feature ultra-low power consumption, enhancing operational efficiency, extending device battery life, and subsequently reducing maintenance costs.