Alarm Systems




AC-powered indoor siren SRAC-23 is completely wire-free and plugs into any standard receptacle. Simply plug it into an electrical outlet and the setup is complete. You can easily install SRAC-23 at strategic locations on your premises. The device offers an optional rechargeable battery backup that maintains the operation of the siren during a power cut.

With a siren output of 95dB, SRAC-23 also receives signals from the control panel to emit entry/exit delay beeps. If your control panel is distant from the front door and you have difficulty hearing its entry/exit delay beeps, SRAC-23 can serve as a useful reminder device. It can be activated by the control panel to emit entry/exit delay beeps that remind you to disarm the security system or leave the house quickly.


  • AC-powered with a rechargeable battery backup
  • Receives signals from the control panel to activate the alarm sound or to emit entry/exit delay beeps
  • Two selectable volume levels for entry/exit delay beeps
  • Programmable siren duration
  • Completely wire-free
  • Plugs into any standard receptacle
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Transmits module status, including tamper detection and low battery, to the control panel
  • Randomized supervision to ensure problem-free operation

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