TMST-1-ULE is a wireless Smart Thermostat designed to be incorporated into household heating or cooling system for home environment control. The Thermostat can be operated manually using the LCD screen and buttons, or accessed remotely via DECT ULE network. It features temperature setpoint and automatic schedule for users to control their home environment easily. In addition, it is able to control remote relay via the Control Panel when Remote Mode is enabled.

With up to 5 programmable schedules, users can control the temperature of their premises by adjusting the heating or cooling systems to a preferred setpoint. Unlike traditional programming interface with complicated instruction, this smart thermostat features flexible and intuitive programming interface. Users can easily configure schedules and conditions according to their preferences, creating a comfortable environment while saving on energy bills.

Controls heating / cooling system
9°C~30°C setpoint range
5 programmable schedules
Reports at +/-2°C


  • 2-button design for easy operation
  • Controls home heating or cooling system through 3-wire relay terminals (behind the back cover)
  • Simple and intuitive programming interface
  • Indoor air quality support – easy integration for humidification,dehumidification and ventilation
  • Regular transmission of temperature signals
  • Activates Cool Mode when temperature rises above setpoint (between 11°C~32°C / 51.8°F~89.6°F)
  • Activates Heat Mode when temperature drops below setpoint (between 9°C~30°C / 48.2°F~86°F)
  • Sends temperature alerts when the temperature changes by +/-2°C (+/-3.6°F)
  • Regular supervision signals to check system integrity
  • Low battery detection


  • Communication Protocol: DECT ULE RF Protocol
  • Frequency: 1880Mhz – 1900Mhz (EU) / 1920MHz – 1930 Mhz (US)
  • Power Supply: 3V, AA Alkaline batteries x2
  • Battery Life: 0.6 year
  • Relay: 230V@5A, NO/COM/NC Relay Terminals
  • Operating Temperature: -10 °C to 45°C (14°F to 113°F)
  • Operating Humidity: Up to 85% non-condensing
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 85mm x 32mm