Total Visual Monitoring Solutions

Total Visual Monitoring Solutions

Over 90% of all alarm reports are false and false alarms result in unwanted costs, time loss and inconvenience from interventions. Climax’s complete visual monitoring solution offers visual verification, video verification and real-time monitoring services to save time and costs related to false alarms and further make home a much safer place to live.

Climax’s M series, HPGW and HPGWL series alarm panels can incorporate PIR cameras, PIR video cameras and IP cameras to deliver alarm images, alarm videos and live HD video to the monitoring center and the user’s smartphone for alarm verification or timely monitoring of the protected area. Integrated with Home Portal Server, it provides users with easy access to monitor home remotely with just a simple click on your smartphones. With visual verification and video verification features, users and the monitoring center can verify alarms via transmitted alarm images and alarm video to undertake immediate actions to ensure everything is under control. Real-time monitoring service offers you a great way to keep an eye on things you valued most via smartphones, PCs or any web-enabled devices.

Visual Verification

Visual verification is a more reliable and efficient method to confirm whether a triggered alarm is real or false. The PIR camera can capture 3 alarm images to match the time of action that triggered an alarm. Depending on the report settings or the compatibility with the Home Portal Server, 3 alarm images can be transmitted via FTP, Email, MMS or APP. The monitoring center and users can immediately verify alarms without a site inspection and thereby reducing penalties related to false alarms.

The PIR camera can only capture images when an alarm is triggered or when an authorized request is made. It ensures that privacy is protected without exposing yourself to unauthorized access.

Video Verification

Another method to verify an alarm event is Video Verification. The PIR video camera can capture a 10-second video clip of an alarm event detected in the protected area and establish a reporting path to users or Central Monitoring Station to further verify via FTP, Email, MMS or APP. Alternatively, Climax’s IP camera, which is connected to the alarm systems, can capture a 40-second video clip combined by a 30-second pre-alarm video and a 10-second post-alarm video whenever an alarm is triggered and the Central Monitoring Station can further verify transmitted video clips to respond accordingly. With privacy protected mechanism, the PIR Video Camera only can capture an alarm video clip if an alarm event happens.

Real-Time Monitoring

IP camera 1818 can be linked to Home Portal Server and the Vesta Home App for remote monitoring. Users can keep an eye on their home on PCs or mobile phones over a secure connection to the Home Portal Server. With privacy protection, users can only login into their own registered accounts to view their live-streamed videos within their protected areas.

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