VST-1905 Series

The VST-1905 Series offers converters that switch PSTN control panels from traditional phone landlines to IP/GSM/3G networks. The plug-and-play installation of this converter series requires no replacement or dismantling of the host control panels.

PSTN-to-IP/GSM/3G Converters

The VST-1905 Series offers three models to switch PSTN alarms to IP/GSM/3G networks:
VST-1905-M1: PSTN-to-IP converter
VST-1905-M8: PSTN-to-IP/GSM/3G converter
VST-1905-M8 EX: PSTN-to-IP/GSM/3G converter with an antenna port for connection to an external antenna to boost GSM/3G signal strength

SIA/CID Reporting Protocol

The VST-1905 Series converts the PSTN CID format adopted by PSTN control panels into SIA/CID protocol.

Linked to Home Portal Server

The converters are connected to Home Portal Server for users to view events online.

Compatible with the ARS Software

This converter series can work with the Alarm Receiving Software (ARS) for the central station to receive readily converted alarm events.

Three Programmable Inputs

Each model has three programmable inputs as normally open/closed contacts to send alarms over IP/GSM/3G.

Easy Programming and Firmware Updates

The converters are configured via convenient web or SMS programming. Remote firmware updates allow the converters to acquire the latest features.





VST-1905-M8 (IP+GSM/3G)

VST-1905-M8 EX (IP+GSM/3G)

Converts PSTN CID reports into SIA protocol and CID over IP/GPRS

Compatible with any PSTN alarm adopting the CID reporting format

Can work with the Alarm Receiving Software (ARS) for the monitoring center to receive readily converted alarm data

Compatible with Home Portal Server for users to view event reports online

Web programming/browser support

SMS programming


Three programmable inputs send reports in the CID format over IP/GPRS when activated

Protected access allows only valid users to configure the system

Eight IP addresses for alarm reporting

Remote firmware update capability

Supports a 10-digit account number

LED indicator of GSM signal strength


Plug & play installation and operation

External antenna port



Compliant with CE, FCC, ETL and PTCRB requirements

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