VST-1908 Series

The VST-1908 Converter Series is designed to create a bridge between PSTN control panels and IP/cellular networks in a security industry rapidly migrating from traditional landline home phone service to IP/cellular communications.

Compatible with All PSTN Panels Using Contact ID

The VST-1908 Series adapts any PSTN alarm panels using the Contact ID protocol for IP- or cellular-based central stations, converting PSTN CID reports into the SIA protocol and CID over GPRS or into DTMF CID over GSM/3G.

Two-Way Voice

The VST-1908’s virtual voice channel preserves the existing two-way communication between the host PSTN panel and monitoring centers.

Money-Saving Benefits

The VST-1908 Series features quick and easy installation. Its LED indication of GSM/3G registration status enables installers to ascertain whether the GSM/3G registration process is successful.

Easy Programming and Firmware Updates

You can configure the VST-1908 via simple web or SMS programming. The firmware update capability allows the converter to acquire new features and enhance performance.

ARS Software

The VST-1908 Series works with the Alarm Receiving Software (ARS) to deliver readily converted alarm data to the central station.

RMR Protection

The VST-1908 protects RMR (recurring monthly revenue) by bringing IP/cellular technologies to existing PSTN alarms and by supporting services that customers value, such as two-way voice.



VST-1908-M3 BC

(cased models)


VST-1908-M3 EX

(bare board models)

VST-1908-M8 BC

(cased models)


VST-1908-M8 EX

(bare board models)

Communications paths





Converts PSTN CID reports into the SIA protocol and CID over IP/GPRS

Converts PSTN CID reports into DTMF CID over GSM/3G

Forwards PSTN voice message reports over GSM/3G

Compatible with any PSTN alarm using the CID protocol

Compatible with the Alarm Receiving Software (ARS) for the central station to receive reported events from the converter

Supports two-way voice

Web programming/browser support

SMS programming

External antenna port


VST-1908-M3 EX only


VST-1908-M8 EX only

Remote firmware update capability

Protected access allows only valid users to configure the system

Six IP addresses for alarm reporting

LED indicator displaying GSM/3G registration status

Rechargeable batteries included



Plug and play installation

Compliant with CE, FCC, ETL and PTCRB requirements

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